Our business philosophy is focused on personal qualities of our team and on the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

There are three types of companies:

  1. those that determine the events;
  2. those who witness their manifestation;
  3. those who when the events have manifested wonder what happened.

(Philip Kotler – world authority on marketing)

GEI Holding strives to be a company of the first kind.

The values of the company and its operating methods are always developed with the commitment to offer an ever-increasing level of quality of its services in mind.


With mission, we mean the area of activity in which the GEI Holding considers itself inspired and capable of satisfying of customer needs (private – public – mixed public private), through adequate choices of management and organization.

Based on this perspective, our corporate objectives are as follows:

  • grow and develop by valuing our companies, human resources and assets
  • offer our members, specialists and partners opportunities for professional and economic development
  • be reliable for our customers
  • as “Construction Management”, we strive improve the financials and strategic aspects of each project by rationalizing every part of each project/intervention
  • we look for new ways of applying our business idea

Today, GEI Holding positions itself on the market as a player able to identify and develop investment in sectors such as:

  • healthcare
  • tourist accommodation
  • natural renewable sources
  • technological/innovative
  • commercial
  • energy utilization efficiency improvements

Our internal organization will therefore focus on identifying potential investments, defining their development together with the interested parties and establishing the necessary partnership agreements to ensure the full success of the investment.
After this assessment of feasibility phase, all planning, programming and implementation will be entrusted to GEI Company Group.


GEI HOLDING S.P.A. is committed to protecting and preserving natural resources, aspiring to leave together with the wise and responsible part of humanity a true ecological footprint.
We are constantly work to improve environmental performance by providing the most ecologically-friendly solutions possible to our customers. Our commitment extends from our headquarters to our work sites to the daily life of our team members.
For us, environmental awareness means being socially and economically responsible: from recovery of waste materials to the development of the building during its life cycle; we are at the forefront of building structures for the benefit of the people of today and of tomorrow.

Generali Investimenti Holding S.p.a.
in brief: GEI Holding S.p.a.

VAT Number: 04623260967 | REA MI Number: 1761338 | Fully-paid share capital: €250,000.00


MILAN – Piazza del Duomo, 20 – C.P. 20122 MILAN – ITALY


NAPLES – Via G. Porzio, 4 – 80143 NAPLES – ITALY


Headquarters telephone +39 02 30 31 45 48