General contractor is the company that has the overall operational responsibility of delivering a “turnkey” construction project.
In Italy, “general contractor” is used with regard to public works, and was introduced by the so-called “objective law” (443/01) which interpreted the European procurement procedure.
It is a single entity entrusted with the “realization of works, including strategic ones”.
According to this law, the general contractor: “is the executor and manager of the work performed and is appointed due to specific characteristics of organizational and technical nature to:

• have freedom in choosing the form of realization of the project
• carry the obligation of good overall result in front of the contracting party
• carry all project-related risks”
The assignment of the project to a single company responsible for its entirety, both in the executive and planning phases, represents an ideal choice for the client, in terms of:

• guarantee of cost savings
• time savings
• homogeneous and higher construction quality

The figure of the “General Contractor”, as the global builder of the project, is a subject created to guarantee the realization of a “turnkey” order/contract to the client.
This is made possible because in the construction phase, the general contractor takes on first-person general and total responsibility and, therefore, directly deals with the planning and management of the work, and with the integration the smaller companies it leans onto into a unified project in order to ensure the delivery of a final product, typical of a “general contractor”.

In summary, the “General Contractor” is the figure that implements the project and that has the task of finding solutions for the market needs by intervening with the use of ad hoc processes and innovative technologies, since generally the public client or private individual rely on a single individual that must have the necessary multidisciplinary, planning and executive skill for the correct and smooth execution of the required work. For years, our group has been selecting, integrating, organizing companies structurally and this has become our main asset.


The project aims at realizing the following goals:
1) form a cohesive group to consolidate and develop activities;
2) to provide a real general contractor that contains all the skills, credentials and preliminary and useful competencies to allow the realization of works from “A” to “Z”, from the planning phase to the “turn-key”;
3) provide a company structure with synergistic components and members that is able to consolidate and improve over time, both in terms of turnover and in terms of number of customers and that considers each center of interest of the company (shareholder, partner);
4) set up a commercial structure for the development and management of orders;
5) form the aggregate financial statements for the general contractor,
6) give a concise financial overview of the project at hand, in which the turnover of the parent company is equal to the sum of the production:
– of direct nature (distributed to shareholders);
– of shareholders that was not pertinent to the parent company;
– of the shareholders received by the parent company but not attributed to it.

In short, GEI HOLDING S.P.A. acts as an effective General Contractor:

A. to be able to apply for public and private works (in Italy and abroad) even with particular entry thresholds that allow us to participate not only using the results of the consolidated aggregate of the Group but also to participate in such positions that have requirements of a general contractor;
B. increase the turnover of our company by obtaining the acquired orders from the general contractor, commercialized at market prices and not at an artificial discount;
C. obtain the right profits from the orders/contracts acquired by the general contractor;
D. increase the categories and requirements for both the member company and the General Contractor, relying on global turnover;
E. The characteristics and the parameters mentioned above will produce an overall added value, which concerns both the partner company and our group, in terms of:
I. extension of categories,
II. turnover growth,
III. increase in the value of the balance sheet,
IV. increase in profits.


GEI HOLDING, for the operational and executive phase, above all due to the participation it holds in the GEI COMPANY GROUP, is equipped with a professional team that represents its “task force”.
The Team is made up of multiple professional figures who have developed over time, also as a result of career choices, a know-how rich in knowledge and experience (contract engineer, contract administrator, contract clerk). This expertise allows the team to perform of “construction management” competently.
The Team Manager is the Contract Manager, a professional figure who possesses multidisciplinary skills (contractual, technical-accounting, administrative, legal, etc.) and who works in tandem with the project coordination group led by the Project Managers for the realization and management of works.
The team manager will therefore be responsible for several contracts at the same time, and his duties are as follows:

• analyze and comment on all the documentation of a contract or any tender received from customers (clients) both before acceptance of participation and at the start of the preparation of the offer;
• support the entire corporate structure or sub-structure (engineering, architecture, procurement or other) in charge of drawing up the documents needed to participate in tenders;
• prepare and coordinate the customization of contractual texts for subcontracting contracts (works, services, consultancy, etc.);
• sketch the agreements of any joint venture/partnership with other companies to participate in tenders; in the event that the use of a shareholder or partner is more expensive, it is often recommended to use selected companies in the area but, in any case, managed by our main shareholder or professional.
The Contract Manager will therefore be the figure of reference for the entire group and for the management, for the management of contractual relationships and for the in-depth study and resolution of problems that will arise from the development of orders.
The individual companies, while remaining legally distinct and autonomous, will thus be able to create a joint production organization, in which they can measure and regulate their respective companies, establish price levels, procure raw materials by purchasing them at more advantageous conditions than those that would get a single firm, do product advertising, etc.

These are the different formulas of an agreement with a “General Contractor with mixed participation”, also aimed at the opportunity to acquire large national and international orders. This would be impossible if operating individually.

Generali Investimenti Holding S.p.a.
in brief: GEI Holding S.p.a.

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